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Stevie's Performance!!

STEVIE WAS AWESOME! I hope no one missed that! I would have if I hadn't been so obsessed that I've had CBS on all fucking day. I watched the boring sports casters and everything.. and thanks to that, I didn't miss Stevie! I recorded it! Of course, I would. How could I not?
She sang Stand Back. I keep hoping they will bring her back for another song, but I seriously doubt it. Oh well, I saw my Stevie... I'm a happy girl!

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I saw the NIKE commercial again featuring the Suns (and some other players from the NBA who really aren't important enough for me to mention.. lol.) Great commercial! Anyone notice how short Nash looks? lol

I'm actually going to watch the Super Bowl. I'm cheering for Indiana! :)

And omg... right now, I can hear the Miami Vice theme song playing in the background during the pre-show. This is an exciting day, and I don't even watch football! lol
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