Brooke Haley (sugarbaby7) wrote,
Brooke Haley

A performance photo from NOTS of me!

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I love the picture!! gorgeous! I wish I could have been there to see you perform
Thank you! I wish you could have been there too!
stunning! wish i could have been there to enjoy your performance!

Thank you, Crystal! Maybe next year you can go!
all I can say is WOW

you look gorgeous!
Thank you, Princess Angela!

CONGRATS!! That's a wonderful pic!!!
Thanks! I love that pic. I think that is the best picture of me onstage EVER. Usually, I don't like my performance pics... but that one I'm very pleased with!
hey! i found you on here searching nots... you look pretty in the picture! .. i added you will you add me back? (btw im a friend of Lizzie know her right?)
Hey! Yes, I know who Lizzie is! She's fabulous!

I'll add you on my friends page!
okay, cool! that's awesome you know Lizzie.. ♥